Granite Wall Tiles Ottawa – Natural Stone Walls

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Improving the look of one's home is a task that many people take pride in. Nothing can make that job easier than using natural stone throughout the home to create the regal feeling that's associated with luxury and wealth. While slabs of natural stone are incredibly beautiful for countertops and tables, don't forget that granite and other stones can be purchased in tile form and can be used for surfacing walls as well as floors, countertops and backsplashes. When applied to walls, granite tiles have a stunning impact and can drastically improve the look of your home while adding value and elegance.
Where to Apply
Granite tiles can be applied to any wall in the home and even as an exterior surface. Common locations include fireplaces and basements, but to make the most of your investment and its properties, consider the bathroom or kitchen as well. Granite is ideally suited to more humid locations in the home and can act as an additional moisture barrier. The tiles are easy to install and are available in countless colours and textures that can be used to transform a wall from a simple structure dividing rooms into unique works of functional art. When used outdoors, granite tile does wonders for your home's curbside appeal and is frequently used in areas that may receive a little more abuse than typical vinyl siding can handle. Placing granite tile behind your wood pile for example will help protect the side of your home from damage caused by logs, while adding beauty to your property.
Taking care of granite wall tiles is as simple as taking care of any other granite product. A solution of warm water and a drop of soap will do wonders to keep the tiles looking incredible. Many people also apply a yearly granite polish to bring back the initial lustre of the natural stone product. If you've chosen to apply your granite wall tiles to a bathroom or kitchen wall, a sealant may be required to prevent damage to the tiles. Sealants are very easy to apply and can save you thousands of dollars in potential replacement costs. If you're unsure whether or not a sealant is necessary, speak with a knowledgeable natural stone supplier. They'll be happy to answer any questions you may have about not only sealants, but also the best methods of installation and further care instructions for alternate tile locations throughout your home.
Choosing to upgrade your home's appearance and value with the use of natural stone products is a big step. The options available to you will be staggering. Just remember that an experienced and reputable natural stone supplier can help you make choices according to the tiles location, use and expected results. Once a granite tile has been selected, your expert supplier will also be able to give you guidance that will help prolong the life of your investment and keep it looking its very best. Contact a trusted supplier today to help get your project going!